Weldy - South Africa

Since 2004, all Weldy tools are manufactured according to the Leister standards for function and quality by Leister China. The location of Leister in Shanghai and its proximity to the key markets is a perfect match for Weldy to meet the customers’ requirements.

Today, Weldy has expanded its activities in China to develop, design and manufacture new products to enhance and simplify customers needs according to our slogan – simple. good. affordable.


PLASTIWELD Established in 1991, Plasti-Weld cc is based in Benoni, Gauteng, with authorised distributors across South Africa. Plasti-Weld is an importer and stockist of plastic welding equipment, hot air tools, specialised test and inspection equipment, thermo cutters and also a manufacturer of plastic welding rod. Plasti-Weld is the sole distributor in South Africa for Leister, Ritmo and Buckleys.

Plasti-Weld prides itself in the highest quality products and customer service. Our goal is to provide efficient and effective service and support to our customers on an ongoing basis. We strive to maintain a high standard of quality in our production processes whilst minimizing the effect on the natural environment. Plasti-Weld is committed to its continued growth and profitability through positive customer and principle relations.

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Brand History

Weldy AG started its business activities in 1997 to complement the Leister Product Portfolio with simple Hot-air-Guns to serve the “Do- it-Yourself” markets. In 2007 Weldy enlarged its product portfolio by including functional plastic welding tools to serve the local requirements in China as well as to expand into “Emerging Markets” and into selective countries.

Product Portfolio
  • Hot-air guns for “Do-it-yourself” markets.
  • Hot-air tools for universal uses and for shrinking.
  • Hand extrusion welders.
  • Automatic Welding tools for the Roofing industry.
  • Automatic Welding tools and welding machines for the tarpaulins and billboards.
Other Services
  • Product demonstrations.
  • Application advice.
  • Welding testing.
  • Technical support & service.
  • Application and operator training.
  • Repair.
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